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Morivita and the Congo girl school

Within our company we have been dreaming for some time to develop a social element. We work not only for ourselves, but also for others!!!

For many years we have donated money do different organisations. But we wanted something more personnel.

The Kalasi project crossed our paths, and after a nice chat with Bert De Wolf, we were sold. Bert’s infectious enthusiasm has blown over to us. In Kidima Congo, there is a school that also wants to develop a cutting and seaming department. The infrastructure and materials are not yet of such a nature that a major project can be developed, but we want to help build it slowly.

The goal of the project is; leading up girls to become professionals, as a result they will be able to earn a living and become more independent. This can also be their way out of poverty!

We have now sent a triplock and stitching machine. These have actually been on their way for 5 months, but all is well, they have arrived! Happy faces as you can see in the pictures.



We notice that the threads are still completely wrong, but sister Liliane, a couturier, will come to our production site in Belgium for a few weeks to get to know the machines. In the meantime, we are helping them in

any way we can. We have already sent scissors, rulers, fabrics, needles, spare material, but we will certainly continue. Depending on their response, more stitching machines are sure to follow. In any case, we go for full-fledged material, they too are entitled to the best.

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