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Green Pride: Our Newest Products Shine with these Eco-Scores!

As a proud provider of a brand new product line, we would like to highlight the various organic certifications that our latest products carry.

Think of it as a sneak peak for the launches of our latest products!

These certifications are a testament to our commitment to sustainability, environmental friendliness and ethical manufacturing practices. Let’s take a closer look at the meaning behind these certifications:

Be sure to read through to the end and discover our latest, self-developed technologies!

1. Global Recycled Standard (GRS)

Global recycled standard

The Global Recycled Standard is a certification that guarantees the traceability and integrity of recycled materials in products. By producing products

with this label, we confirm our commitment to circular practices and reducing waste. The GRS label demonstrates that our products are manufactured with recycled materials according to strict environmental and social criteria.


2. Organic Blended Content Standard

Organic bleded content standard

The Organic Blended Content Standard certifies that our products are made from organically grown materials and that these materials have been processed in a responsible and environmentally friendly way. This label confirms our commitment to using natural raw materials without harmful chemicals, thus protecting both the environment and the consumer.


3. Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)Forest Stewardship Council Logo

Forest Stewardship Council certification is a guarantee of sustainable forest management. The FSC label on our products guarantees that the wood or paper used in our products comes from forests that are responsibly managed according to strict social, ecological and economic standards.


4. Naia from Eastman

Naia from eastman

Naia from Eastman represents a cellulose material that forms a prominent part of our new product line. This material is produced through a sustainable process that uses wood from certified and renewable forests. The result is not only a high-quality product, but also a significant reduction in our environmental impact.


5. Biodegradation according to ASTM standard D5988


Certification for biodegradation according to ASTM standard D5988 ensures that our products degrade naturally at the end of their life cycle, without leaving harmful residues. This helps reduce our carbon footprint and promotes a circular approach to production and consumption.


6. Wools of New Zealand

Wools of new zealand.

The Wools of New Zealand certification ensures that our wool products come from sheep raised on farms that meet strict standards of animal welfare and environmental protection. It is biodegradable,

recyclable and contains essential nutrients beneficial to plant life. This label stands for high-quality wool and a sustainable production chain.


7. New technologies developed in-houseGreen tech logo

Our new technologies include the Global Recycled Standard label and the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI). The Global Recycled Standard label recognises our commitment to using recycled materials in our products, while the BCI certification indicates our commitment to improving the sustainability of cotton production worldwide.


Together towards a Sustainable Future

With this comprehensive analysis of the organic certifications that adorn our new product line, we hope to highlight our commitment to sustainability and ethically responsible production. Our new products embody not only innovation and quality, but also our vision for a cleaner and greener world.


We invite you to keep a close eye on our website and social media channels for the official launch of these exciting new products. Stay tuned for all the updates, exclusive offers and background stories we’d love to share with you.


Together, we can make a positive impact and strive for a future where sustainability is the norm. Thank you for your continued support on our journey towards a better world.


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