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Morivita & FSD – Your Premier Destination for Exceptional Funeral Linings

On this page we want to put a special emphasis on our in-house production of funeral linings. As a leading provider in the industry, we prioritize the values of high quality, eco-friendliness, efficiency, and innovation, setting new standards for funeral services across Europe.

Unparalleled Quality

At the core of Morivita’s commitment lies an unwavering dedication to delivering funeral linings of the highest quality. We understand the significance of providing comfort and solace during difficult times, and our linings are meticulously crafted to ensure a dignified and serene resting place for your loved ones. 

To keep this promise we have set in place a set of testing rules for the incoming textiles. This makes sure they are of a superb quality and for example color differences will not appear.



In today’s environmentally conscious world, we recognize the importance of sustainable practices. We have a wide range of eco friendly linings made of biodegradble materials. On our 2 biggest facilities (out of 3), a magority of electricity is produced from solar energy! This again proves our commitment to the to minimizing our ecological footprint. Ask about our eco linings to your local representatives! 


Efficiency in Every Detail

Our liners are engineered with a keen focus on efficiency, streamlining the funeral process to provide a seamless experience for both funeral professionals and grieving families. From easy installation to effortless maintenance, Morivita Funeral Linings are designed to simplify the logistics of funeral arrangements without compromising on quality.


Tailored Solutions for Every Need

Understanding that each funeral is unique, Morivita Funeral Supplies provides a diverse range of Casket and coffin linings to suit different preferences and cultural requirements. Whether you seek traditional designs or contemporary styles, our extensive catalog ensures that you find the perfect lining to commemorate the life of your loved ones.

In conclusion, Morivita Funeral Supplies stands as a beacon of excellence in the funeral industry, with funeral linings that epitomize quality, eco-friendliness, efficiency, and innovation. As you navigate the delicate process of saying goodbye to those dear to you, trust Morivita to provide the solace and support you need, setting a new standard for dignified farewells across Europe.

Take a look at our tailor made models for the UK & Irish market here! Also don’t forget to check out our other funeral Textile products:


Free Ireland Sheep photo and picture

Cotton is still very important in the production of our funeral linings.

However Funeral Supplies Donegal also supports local shops. Therefore, we have developed custom linings made from local wool of local Irish sheep!

With regards to our cotton we make sure all imported materials are produced under good and fair working conditions. We do this by visiting our suppliers and checking global credentials.