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Coffins vs. Caskets

In the world of funeral supplies, the decision between coffins and caskets often adds an extra layer of consideration for grieving families. We wanted to take some time to explain the key differences that set these two final resting places apart for our international customers.

Caskets: Elegance and Versatility

Caskets are rectangular and elegant, with four sides, suitable for both burials and cremations. Made from materials like wood or metal, they feature distinctive rails along the sides, adding a touch of grace. The interior is lined with soft cloth, ensuring a peaceful resting place.

Coffins: Tradition and Simplicity

Coffins have a more traditional design with six sides, wider at the top and tapering towards the bottom to mimic the human form. Typically crafted from wood, coffins lack rails, and instead, they showcase “coffin furniture” offering insights into the departed’s financial history. Coffins have a removable lid, setting them apart with a unique touch.

Making a Meaningful Choice

Understanding these nuances can guide families in making a choice that resonates with the essence of their loved ones. And off course, we at morivita funeral supplies can always provide coffin or casket liners depending on the families choice.


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