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The green memory

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Caring for plants helps to keep the memory of your loved one alive and is a way of honouring their memory both during and after the farewell ceremony.



All the parts of the wreath can be reused or recycled. The company can use the ring base in another service, while relatives and friends have a natural and enduring way of remembering their loved ones in the form of the pots that make up the wreath.




The green memory consists of living plants, which can be shared with the loved one’s nearest and dearest as a form of remembrance.




The green memory concept is environmentally friendly as the wreath of flowers is given an enduring purpose, lasting much longer than the farewell ceremony itself.



Operation and assembly

STEP 1: Transplanting to the Green memory plant pot

Plants must be transplanted from the original pots to The green memory pots, which are specially designed to be attached to the base.

“The green memory” plant pots have mesh inside so that the soil and the plant keep attached to the plant pot.

You are recommended to carefully compact the soil surface with your fingers to ensure soil particles do come loose and fall off while being handled.

If you wish, you can also use the elastic bands that come with the plant pots to ensure they stay put— this is a good idea when transporting them inside a funeral car.

Transplanting to the Green memory plant pot

STEP 2: Mounting the ring base 

The ring is the part of the wreath which can be reused. It is assembled by connecting 4 pieces that will form the circular base. The easiest way to assemble the wreath is horizontally, on the ground.

Mounting the ring base

Step 3: Placing the pots on the ring base

Once we have assembled the ring, it is time to fit the pots with the flowers we have transplanted. There are small fixtures (figure 1) below each plant pot to connect them to the wreath base. In the front part of the The green memory pots, near the base, there is a small groove (figure 2) into which the protruding part of the base fits.

Placing the pots on the ring base

Step 4: Placing the wreath on a trestle or stand

Carefully place the wreath on the stand.

Placing the wreath on a trestle or stand

Step 5: Plant extraction and distribution

Each of the pots delivered can include a pot holder for convenience during transport. The funeral home can also customise it.

Plant extraction and distributionPlant extraction and distribution

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