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A revolutionary method of production has been employed for the support structure using high density polyethylene, which makes this product shockproof, indestructible, in deformable, immune to chemical and organic agents and 100% recyclable. The base is joined to a stainless steel framework, which sustains the lateral telescopic handles, and two large wheels (diameter 200 mm [7.87 in]) which glide on ball bearings.

All of these features together contribute to making this chest the most versatile, ergonomic and easy to handle recovery chest on the market. Two robust runners, tapered at the end and placed in the base, increase the support area, give great stability in the horizontal position and rigidity during rotation. A simple system of closure distributed in ten points, contributes with the generous sealing to offer a solid and airtight anchorage of the cover to the base.

The choice of the materials, fruit of our research into the balance between the mechanical and functional characteristics, ensure record-breaking lightness and efficient sanitization.

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Maximum loading capacity

250 kg (551.15 lbs)


25 kg (55 lbs)

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